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Taking Care Of Your Appliance

The look of a fireplace

The visual effect of a fireplace is important for a homeowner’s interior design plans. Fortunately there is a wide range of appliances on the market and TLC Stoves & Liners is able to access them all, while ensuring the choice complements the look and feel of your home. Safety, however, is always the main priority. A constructional hearth may be appropriate in some circumstances.

Decorative hearths are more challenging in terms of hidden dangers. If such a hearth is placed in front of a cooker, there is a risk that people will trip when carrying a hot pan of boiling water. This can be checked by using a colour scheme to show safe boundaries, marked in the floor or different grout colours. Always ensure there is building control permission in place for any works.  

Any heating appliance, fireplace and chimney will need regular care

James The Sweep In order to stop the dangers of CO poisoning and ensure the property is given cost-effective warmth, appliances should be regularly maintained. They may need special checks by a trained professional – an OFTEC or GAS SAFE-registered engineer for oil-fired or gas for example.

Chimneys are likely to need sweeping every year before use in the Autumn if you have an open-flued appliance, e.g. DFE gas fire. This is to be sure the flue is clean, not necessarily due to soot build-up, but because the fireplace has not been used for such a long time. Older properties can have flues that are damaged or contain fallen masonry. Birds sometimes nest and block flues during the nesting season, especially jackdaws and gulls.

Solid fuel appliances need to be swept once per year regardless of fire use in the property. Deposits caused by these types of fires can be very hard to remove if not done early enough and that will cost the property owner more money in the long run. It might need a sweep half way through the Autumn and Winter season as well – just to be sure. always use a HETAS approved chimney sweep such as

TLC Stoves and Liners can help you maintain your fireplace.